Welcome to Teca Tu!

Welcome to the Teca Tu Blog!

This blog is dedicated to the pets we love and to the folks who love their pets. Over the next few months, we hope to introduce you to some great pets, their humans and to other people special to the pet world.

Our goal is to learn, to enjoy and to constantly be reminded how important these partners are to all of us.

So let’s begin at the beginning. I often think how did this partnership start? How did we become blessed with these amazingly loyal and smart beings?

Sometimes in this dark and indifferent universe, miracles happen. I imagine that this one happened 30,000 years or so ago, some where on the plains of Africa or east Asia.

At a campfire, a small group of Homo Sapiens–our most distant relations–were pulling meat off of scorched bones. Then, we were as much prey as we were predator. At night the fire kept us somewhat safe, but there was always the Leopard who would steal in to take the weakest or the one who fell asleep away from the fire. That night, the smell of the meat called to another carnivore. It was young Canine, the most distant relative to all the dogs that live today.

It was small and wild, but smart. It sat just outside of the glow of the fire. Maybe it yelped to call it’s mates. One of the humans, out of irritation or fear took a chewed bone and threw it at the dog. The dog bolted as the bone hit the bushes next to him, but then it came back, took it and began to tear it apart. The human, maybe too tired or afraid to leave the light of the fire, let the animal be.

An hour passed. Then as the humans began to fall asleep, the dog began to howl and bark.

The humans, furious, stood up and began throw rocks at the dog. Then, one of them looked deeper into the dark and saw the unmistakeable eyes of the Leopard. Screaming and pointing, the humans in unison began to throw everything they had the cat and drove it off.

That same human looked out at the dog. The dog sat there staring back, tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The human thought about what had just happened. She picked up another bone and threw it–a little more gently–at the dog.

The others grunted, one stirred the fire to a blaze and then settled back to sleep. The dog laid down, curled it’s tail, chewed on the new bone and kept watch.

And so it began.

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