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Welcome to the Teca Tu Website!!  We are celebrating our 26th year!!

Pamper your dogs and cats at this plush Santa Fe Pet Emporium/Website where you’ll find dazzling pet apparel, fabulous neckwear, cozy beds, joyous toys, travel accessories, gourmet dog and cat food and tasty, fresh-baked deli treats. The original owner began the store by designing and making vests and coats for dogs out of her home. The business grew from there and now the vests and coats have become our signature item.

Teca Tu Awards:

JULY 2022:

••Teca Tu has been chosen as one of 2022 America’s Coolest Pet Businesses by PETS+The Better Business Magazine for American Pet Pros.  In total, 16 businesses earned the America’s Coolest title this year. The contest highlights top independent pet stores and service providers in the U.S.  

March 2021:

••Teca Tu was awarded the ABQ Journal North's Readers' Choice "Best Pet Store".

July 2019:

••Teca Tu was awarded the Retailer of the Year "Independent Thinker" award by the Pet Product News Association at the Super Zoo Trade Show in Las Vegas, NM.

March 2018:

••We were incredibly honored to receive the GLOBAL PET EXPO'S 2018 RETAILER EXCELLENCE AWARD FOR BEST SINGLE-STORE RETAILER.  The picture below is of Teca Tu's owner, Laurie Wilson accepting the award. 


••We were also honored to receive  "#1 Pet Store in New Mexico by "Best Things New Mexico American towns Media"

In 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Teca Tu won the Santa Fe Reporter's “Best of Santa Fe” Top Pet Boutique as well as winning the "Top Three Pet Boutiques" every year since 2004, and was the 2008 “Featured Boutique” in Pet Product News International as well as having received their Outstanding Adoption Award for 2010.

We will humbly and diligently try to live up to these great honors...

Teca Tu has been serving Santa Fe’s and the world’s dogs, cats, and their humans since 1995. With a combined pet industry knowledge and experience of over 40 years, it is Laurie, Joanne, Mira, Lindsay and Sully's goal to provide the best customer service possible, while enjoying each opportunity to meet customers, their special pets, and help them with their pet needs. We are committed and passionate about working with New Mexican animal charities and see this work as our highest purpose.  Food and pet items donated by us and our wonderful customers go to the New Mexico Homeless Project, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, Santa Fe Small Animal Rescue, the Espanola Valley Shelter and other rescue agencies.

••Laurie's latest 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Nellie and Tank crossed the rainbow bridge towards the end of 2020.  They were both 9 years old.  But recently joining her family is a small white rescue dog by the name of Maisie.  Laurie has also just adopted Toby from the Santa Fe Shelter.  He is a Great Pyrenees who is about 1.5 years old.  He is awesome and very cute. Laurie was born in Connecticut and raised in Minnesota.  She has been in Santa Fe for over 30 years.  She bought Teca Tu from Diane Burchard in 2005 and has never looked back.

••Mira Lopez has worked with Teca Tu since 1997 but has loved and lived with animals since she was a baby. She has a  cat named Dusty that reaps the rewards of her job as Senior Manager of Teca Tu! Mira enjoys constantly learning about animals and their needs, both nutritional and emotional to help serve the human and furry customers find exactly what they are looking for when they come in to shop!

••Joanne has been with Teca Tu for over 25 years!! She has 3 indoor cats: Chaco, Oho and Durango and 1 feral cat that she feeds every day: Moses.  Joanne is a California native but has been in Santa Fe for over 30 years. Joanne loves dogs and cats and thus working at Teca Tu is a perfect job.

••Canace Monteil has had decades of experience caring for animals.  She worked at UNM Biology Deptarment for 4 years as she obtained her degree, at a local vet office for 7 years and at UC Davis Vet School.  She has 3 adorable little border terriers and a passion for quality pet care!   

••Sullivan Wilson is passionate about animals and volunteers at the Santa Fe Shelter and Humane Society while working part time at Teca Tu and pursuing her degree in Biology.

And now a word about our namesake, Teca Tu. Teca Tu was a stray picked up on the side of the road near a town called Tecolote in New Mexico by the founder of the store, Diane Burchard. Teca Tu was a mutt and she was the queen of the store for years before she passed away. In memory of Teca Tu and dogs like her–fiercely loyal and survivors–we’ve kept her name on the door.

And that is what we want our store to be, both the brick and mortar one and the website: A high energy, fun and animal loving place where all of us who are fiercely loyal to our pets are welcome.

Thank you all for loving your pets!

Mira, Joanne and Laurie 



Tank, Nellie and Laurie


Mira's cat Tawny

Joanne and Jasper


Maisie and Tank


Sullivan Wilson and Tank



Canace with Clemmie


With big woofs and meows to all;

Laurie Wilson
Joanne Buchanan
Mira Lopez

Canace Monteil

Elaine Anton

Sullivan Wilson

 Big sloppy dog kisses and human hugs go out to:

  • Joey “Giuseppe” Wilson, Web-Master Extraordinaire for all his most generous help with our website!
  • Caitlin Elizabeth Photography