A Week at Teca Tu

Hi Everyone! As you know we’ve recently redone our website and are excited about the new site. We are hoping to continue to add lots of new products so shopping online will be as much fun as shopping with us in person. To that end we thought we would give the nifty new blog feature a try and post some of the loving and fashionable four-legged friends we’ve seen this week. So let me introduce some of our fabulous customers:

First up we have Simba Nathan. Simba is a relentlessly happy Airedale who lives in Texas but still manages to talk his family into visiting us regularly. He just celebrated his 9th birthday and enjoyed a party with many of his friends and even had a cake. The party was an unqualified success and Simba outplayed even the youngest guests!

Next we have Tulip, who is sporting her dashingly feminine silk cowgirl hat. Tulip lives here in Santa Fe and always brightens up the day when she comes in.

This adorable little girl is Dodi, who is a long-haired chihuahua. She is 3 years old and lives in Tulsa, OK. She loves to go with her family everywhere and is a very good girl when she’s out and about.

Finally, this is Mica, who is a wonderfully cheerful black pug. He comes in often to show off his many fashionable collars and outfits and loves to make people smile.

These guys, and all the countless others that I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to catch, are what makes our job so much fun and we hope you all will continue to bring them in to meet us, and have their pictures taken and tell us all their stories. We’ll try to keep up the blog regularly so you can come to Teca Tu at all hours and see something that will make you smile. Next week Joanne and I will be headed for Las Vegas to do lots of shopping for the store, so check in with us to see what new goodies we’ve found!

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