Ruff Wear Overcoat Jacket

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•Features a recycled fleece insulating liner enclosed in a durable, recycled polyester shell

•Approximately 95% of the K-9 Overcoat is made from recycled materials

•The all-weather protective dog coat reduces the loss of core body heat (and also protects from brush and burrs)

•The key features & benefits of the K-9 Overcoat are:

-Durability, wind-resistance, and water resistant
-Fleece-lined for insulation
-Adjustable for a comfortable fit


XX Small-Dog Girth 12”-19”
Extra Small-Dog Girth 17”-24"
Small-Dog Girth 23”-30”
Medium-Dog Girth 27”-32”
Large-Dog Girth 31”-40”
Extra Large-Dog Girth 35”-48”

Colors: Red Clay, Slate Blue


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