Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats

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•Made without cooking or preservatives

•ORIJEN’s Biologically Appropriate™ treats are freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness and amazing flavors of their authentically fresh and regional meats

•Available in 5 flavors each containing only sustainably raised within the region approved 'fit for human consumption' ingredients and delivered fresh to the Orijen kitchens each day

•Package Size: 1.25 oz--approximately 100 treats per package  

•Available in 8 flavors

•Makes a wonderful high-value training treat and is great for dogs with allergies 


INGREDIENTSCobb chicken liver*, turkey liver*, boneless Cobb chicken*, boneless turkey*, boneless flounder*

 Regional Red

INGREDIENTS: Wild Boar liver*, lamb liver*, Angus beef liver*, boneless wild boar*, boneless lamb*, boneless Angus beef*.

 Alberta Bison

INGREDIENTS: Bison liver*, boneless bison*, bison tripe*.

 Free Run Duck

INGREDIENTS: Duck liver*, boneless duck*.


INGREDIENTS: Boneless venison, elk liver*, boneless elk*, venison liver, boneless quail*, steelhead trout*.

 Wild Boar

INGREDIENTS: Wild boar liver*, boneless wild boar*.

 Alberta Lamb

INGREDIENTS: Boneless lamb* Lamb liver*, lamb tripe*.

 Black Angus Beef

INGREDIENTS: Angus beef liver*, boneless Black Angus beef*, Black Angus tripe*.

* Fresh and Preservative-Free







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